What you can do with PlanPro

Target High-Quality Leads

Create superior lead lists. Focus on qualified plans most likely to consider a new advisor. Don’t waste time chasing cold leads.

Reach Decision-Makers

Leverage our industry-leading database of 600,000+ plan contacts including name, phone, email, title and LinkedIn profile.

Attract Prospect Attention

Stand out to prospects with unique plan intelligence and reports your competitors do not have.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you’re new to retirement plans, looking to expand your qualified plan business or already a qualified plan powerhouse, PlanPro can help you grow.

Do you want to grow your retirement plan business but struggle to find the time or attract the attention of decision makers? Then PlanPro is a 401(k) prospecting tool built for you. Our software makes it easy to identify the best prospects, differentiate yourself from the competition and reach out to plan decision makers. Improve and automate your ability to win and maintain clients so you can focus on preparing your clients for a healthy retirement. Let PlanPro’s unique data and analysis give you an edge.

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Assess Plan Investments

Instantly access tens of thousands of plan investment lineups without digging through 5500 filings or asking prospects for investment disclosures. View and analyze qualified plan investments with ease. Our analysis identifies investment-related fiduciary liability, so you can use data to grab a prospect’s attention. Add value from your very first interaction.


Show plan sponsors how much money they can save using our fee saving analysis. Our algorithm compares each plan investment against our database of mutual funds, ETFs and CITs to find available substitutes that can ultimately save money for a plan and its participants. PlanPro has identified billions of dollars in potential savings, summarized at a plan and fund level.


Assess a plan’s investment menu and quickly spot areas of fiduciary liability and opportunities that will allow you to enhance investment menu design. PlanPro benchmarks each plan investment’s performance, track record, size and expenses relative to it’s category to identify funds that could be inhibiting a prudent investment selection. Client-friendly analysis shows exactly why a fund may not be the best fit for the plan and its participants.


Identify and demonstrate plan diversification weaknesses as well as opportunities for investment menu simplification to encourage plan participation. As dictated in ERISA section 404(c), diversification is a key component of fiduciary responsibility. PlanPro scores the overall plan diversification using investment lineup correlations and features a correlation matrix to easily detect highly-correlated fund pairs.


Serving financial professionals across the country, PlanPro creates innovative solutions that help financial professionals better grow and manage their retirement plan businesses. With extensive experience creating software used by the worlds largest investors, consultants and asset managers, PlanPro is committed to developing world-class solutions for the 401k industry.

Michael Magnan
Michael Magnan Founder

Michael is the founder of PlanPro. He has extensive experience building software used by some of the worlds largest institutional investors, consultants and asset managers. Most recently, he served as Vice President, New Product Innovation for eVestment where he led the development of new analytics tools for the institutional investment industry. In addition to leading new product innovation, Michael served as eVestment’s lead data scientist, a regular public speaker, researcher and writer. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Florida State University and a Masters in Mathematical Risk Management from Georgia State University.

Hesom Parhizkar
Hesom Parhizkar Technology Advisor

Hesom serves as PlanPro’s technology advisor in addition to his role as Chief Technology Officer of Wela and Capital Investment Advisors. He has over 19 years of experience in the definition, design and development of enterprise software solutions. Prior to joining Wela, Hesom served as the Senior Vice President of Technology at eVestment where he helped lead the overall technology strategy, architecture and goals for eVestment. Hesom Holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University

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