Why PlanPro?

The need for sound retirement solutions has never been higher. This translates to more opportunity for driven advisers and the partners they work. With as much opportunity as there is, maximizing your prospecting efficiency and effectiveness is crucial to success. PlanPro makes it easy to target the prospects most likely to need and want your services and have meaningful conversations with them. We’re much more than a 5500 database.

Target High-Quality Leads

Create superior lead lists. Focus on qualified plans most likely to consider a new advisor. Don’t waste time chasing cold leads.

Reach Decision-Makers

Leverage our industry-leading database of 900,000+ plan contacts including name, phone, email, title and LinkedIn profile.

Attract Prospect Attention

Stand out to prospects with unique plan intelligence and reports your competitors do not have.

Increase Productivity

Increase the ROI on your biggest asset – time. Data, analysis and workflow tools minimize tedious time-consuming tasks.

Improve Workflow

Manage your retirement plan prospecting in one place. Save lead lists, follow plans, write notes and create tasks.

Automate Fee Disclosure Analysis

Upload fee disclosures for instant analysis to support your prospecting.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Whether you’re new to retirement plans, looking to expand your qualified plan business or already a qualified plan powerhouse, PlanPro can help you grow.

Finding the time to grow your retirement plan business effectively can be a challenge. PlanPro makes prospecting easier and more productive, allowing you to accomplish tasks that are easily a full-time job at a fraction of the time and cost. By streamlining 401(k) lead generation, automating contact and plan research and providing powerful analysis, you’ll have an edge on the competition. Improve and automate your ability to win and maintain clients so you can focus on what you do best – preparing your clients for a healthy retirement.

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Reach More Decision-Makers

Quality contact data is a crucial element of prospecting; however, most tools offer outdated and incomplete contact data. Our industry-leading database is sourced from thousands of public sources and company websites. It includes names, emails, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Avoid tedious Googling and stale contact databases. Our contact data will help you reach more prospects with ease.

Higher Quality

Our contact data is updated regularly to avoid stale data and all email addresses are validated. Our focus on advanced technology allows us to be a cut above the rest.

More Data

Identifying contacts beyond Form 5500 provides you with decision-makers your competitors do not have. Our database contains data on many owners, partners, CFOs, and HR leads not in the Form 5500.

Reach More Decision-Makers

Engage Your Prospects

Leverage the industry’s first drag-n-drop 401(k) fee disclosure analysis tool to produce plan design and fee intelligence instantly and keep leads from going cold. PlanScanner uses artificial intelligence to analyze 401(k) disclosures — 408(b)(2) and 404(a)(5) — from dozens of providers to free you from tedious data entry. Avoid telling prospects “I’ll get back to you in 3–5 days” giving them 3–5 reasons to go to your competitor.

Powerful analysis

Uploaded disclosure data can be used to instantly assess fiduciary compliance, fee savings and create prospect-friendly reports, allowing you to create hours worth of intelligence in seconds.

Time Savings

Free yourself from tedious data entry resulting from a multitude of disclosure formats used by providers. A task that often requires repetitive copy+paste, the use of a search engine and Excel.

Engage Your Prospects

Assess 401(k) Investment Lineups

Instantly access 65,000+ plan investment lineups or upload your own without digging through 5500 filings or manually dissecting fee disclosures. Easily assess fiduciary liability, fee savings and diversification, helping you add value from your very first prospect interaction and stand out from competitors.

Fee Analyzer

Instantly assess and illustrate investment fees and savings using our automated fee analyzer and comparison tool. Compare plan lineups against customizable set of substitutes that can ultimately save money for a plan and its participants with similar exposure. PlanPro has identified billions of dollars in potential savings, summarized at a plan and fund level.

Fiduciary Ratings

Assess a plan’s investment menu to quickly spot areas of fiduciary liability and opportunities that will allow you to enhance investment menu design. PlanPro benchmarks each plan investment’s performance, track record, size and expenses relative to it’s category to identify funds that could be inhibiting a prudent investment selection. Client-friendly analysis shows why a fund may not be the best fit.

Diversification Analysis

Identify and demonstrate plan diversification weaknesses and opportunities for investment menu simplification to encourage plan participation. As dictated in ERISA section 404(c), diversification is a key component of fiduciary responsibility. PlanPro scores the overall plan diversification using investment lineup correlations and features a correlation matrix to easily detect highly-correlated fund pairs.

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